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  • Estriol for Vaginal Tissue Support.  Change of Life Support.  Each Bottle contains 80 mg of Estriol.
  • Estriolle label for Estriol.

Estriolle - Estriol Oil Estrogen


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Shake well before using.  Each bottle of Estriolle contains 80 mg of Natural Bioidentical Estriol USP and fractionated MCT coconut oil.  

Estriolle must be used with progesterone.  Estriolle is to be used every other day.  Progesterone should be taken every day.  Use this regime for 3 weeks, then 1 week off for a holiday.  This prevents the estrogen and progesterone receptors from down regulation (becoming less sensitive). 

If you have never taken Estriol before you may preload the body with 10 consecutive days of Estriol, then go to an every other day regime for the Estriol.

Ingredients: 80 mg of Natural Bioidentical Micronized Estriol, 1 Fl ounce Fractionated MCT Coconut oil