• From 1999 to 2021, over 35,000 customers served.
• Just Two Ingredients, Natural Progesterone and Fractionated MCT Coconut Oil, to avoid triggering some susceptible sensitive patients and for better health.

Some ingredients found in Creams can be estrogenic, allergenic, or toxic.

• Instructional Booklet.

You will receive everything you need to know in a booklet to get started and regain your balance. Included in the price of your order is an information booklet on Progesterone. Loads of educational information on imbalances. For privacy reasons, this exclusive information packet is not shared via email and is available only to ordering clients.

We believe in the highest quality ingredients.  Our Natural Progesterone is tested by a third party. We use Food Quality Fractionated coconut oil. We have been in business since 1999, and as of 2021 served over 35,000 different customers.  Some use cream as a carrier for their progesterone.  The Natural Progesterone is in the oil fraction of the cream.  A cream is just water and oil mixed together.  A chemical called an emulsifier keeps the oil and water mixed together.  Then, since water is present many times a preservative is used. A thickener is also added. Many times to cover up the smell of these additives a fragrance is added.

Unfortunately, many times some susceptible patients do not do well with all these extra chemicals.

So in the interest of better health, we have opted for simplicity.  Less is more.  We simply have two ingredients, USP Grade Natural Progesterone (Bioidentical) and fractionated MCT coconut oil.

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